Riot Fest organizers went big for the punk spectacular’s tenth anniversary—more than 100 bands performed on seven stages, and ten of them played classic albums in their entirety—but no amount of planning could’ve stopped Friday’s inclement weather from, um, raining on all the fun. The muddy Humboldt Park fields threatened to suck attendees’ shoes off, but plenty of performers made it easy to forget about the fest’s awkward layout, strange smells, and the Pizza Underground. There were plenty of great performances to take in all weekend long, be it Patti Smith’s heartfelt tribute to her late husband (MC5’s Fred “Sonic” Smith), the Flaming Lips’ psychedelic fever dream, the Hotelier‘s visceral anthems, or ShowYouSuck‘s seriously fun one-man pizza party. Chances are even if you went to Riot Fest you couldn’t see everything you wanted to (there were plenty of schedule conflicts), but fortunately the Reader is here for you: our talented photo staff slogged through the rain and mud to capture all the sights for your enjoyment, so put on Reign in Blood (or whatever classic album you love from front to back) and dig in. Leor Galil