Spencer Sims

  • Pursuit of Dopeness/Creative Commons
  • Spencer Sims

While local rapper Chris Crack has dropped a solid streak of one-off tracks and EPs over the past few months, his New Deal Crew cohorts have been busy tinkering away on their own tracks. Recently NDC MC Spencer Sims caught my ear with the psychedelic, smoldering guitar that wafts through his new track, “Show Me Love,” and he kept me on the line rapping about hooking listeners like tuna (yep, I took that bait). “Show Me Love” is the first track from Sims’s forthcoming EP, Me Time, which also happens to be the subtitle of 2 Chainz’s last album, B.O.A.T.S. II—here’s hoping fans of the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi stumble upon Sims’s Soundcloud page looking for 2 Chainz demos and end up downloading “Show Me Love” instead. Sims is aiming to release Me Time later this month, and until then you can stream “Show Me Love” below.

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