We’d need to make a trip into the future before we could say with any certainty that there’s a healthy place there for symphony orchestras and the music they play.

With fewer and fewer of us familiar with the classical repertoire, or playing instruments ourselves (and therefore attuned to what it takes for someone else to do it well),  it’s not looking good.

And movie music—the symphonic genre that’s arguably having the greatest impact, reaching huge global audiences and affecting them deeply—is barely recognized.

Which is why it’s such a welcome thing when the Chicago Symphony Orchestra condescends—er, decides—to play a film score, with the film running. 

On Sunday, August 16, at Ravinia, it’ll be Michael Giacchino’s sweeping score for J.J. Abrams’s well-regarded 2009 movie Star Trek.

There’ll be a big LED screen on the lawn, which is fun, but if you can snag a seat in the pavilion, where the screen is suspended above the orchestra, you’ll have a rare visual and aural experience—and fresh insight on what gives movies the power to move you. Steven Reineke will conduct.

You don’t have to be a Trekkie to beam yourself up for this.

CSO Goes to the Movies, Sun 8/16, 7 PM, Ravinia Festival, 200 Ravinia Park Rd., Highland Park, 847-266-5100, ravinia.org.