Over the years I have been frequently astonished by the work of Sun-Times editorial cartoonist Jack Higgins. In February 2001 I wrote, “As an ultimate expression of the rabidly right-wing editorial fervor of today’s Sun-Times, and of the rabidly right-wing cartoons Higgins has taken to drawing, the cartoon becomes even more infuriating.” It was a drawing of BIll Clinton shaking hands with the devil, and the curious thing is that I couldn’t leave it at that. I went on, “That said, the more I think about Higgins’s cartoon, the more I appreciate it. It was a real kick in the teeth. It took us back to the days of the founding fathers, when genuine venom spewed from the printed page and the First Amendment was written to protect the spewers. And Higgins might even have had a point worth our taking. What he was getting at, with meat-cleaver wit, was the idea of a Faustian bargain. Nothing bad ever seemed to stick to Clinton while he was president. And, well, who knows?”