Artist Jackie Kazarian took it to the streets yesterday, screenprinting her politics on shirts and giving them away for free. She set up her No Bailout station next to the Tribune Tower with a bunch of shirts she’d collected from thrift stores. Others were donated by friends and passersby, including a friend who bailed her out with a purchase at the Walgreens across the street.

Here’s Kazarian’s report from the field: 

I staked out my sidewalk print shop on Michigan Avenue across from Wrigley Building, handing out free freshly printed t-shirts.  People grabbed the shirts as fast as I could print them.  Some people had no idea what NO BAILOUT meant.  Most did.  A homeless man opted for the pants. A Calumet High School student left happily with the Darth Vader sweatshirt.

An Indian woman asked me if I could print one in gold for her daughter.

Fidelity’s security came out and made sure I was on the sidewalk . . . not in the plaza. Police came and let me continue when I told them I wasn’t selling the shirts. WGN Radio interviewed me at 1:30 and CNN did the same.

Passed out about 80 T-shirts in 3 hours.

We are being told it’ll be a disaster if we don’t approve the bailout now. No one will project beyond the credit freeze. What about 3 months out, 1 year out? What are we going to do when this happens again in 1 year? Add another $700 billion to prop up Wall Street?

Click on images for photos of some of her happy customers.