Yesterday news got out that Jamaican broadcast regulators are promising to ban “any song or music video that depicts sexual acts or glorifies gun violence, murder, rape or arson,” as the AP puts it. The inclusion of arson on that list might seem a little strange at first glance, but it’s worth remembering the frequency with which the words “bun” and “fiya” are deployed in dancehall lyrics, often in non-metaphorical senses and notably in conjunction with incitements to gay bashing.

As for the sex angle: In case you weren’t aware, the hot moves in Jamaica have gotten so explicitly coital that they make freaking look like the chicken dance. Any American high school official who’s crusaded against sexualized dancing would probably have to hide under his bed for a week if he were exposed to the Daily Swarm’s collection of videos demonstrating the dance style known as “daggering.”