Just a couple notable events for tonight/tomorrow that caught my eye:

* Art Institute president James Cuno discusses his controversial new book Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle Over Our Ancient Heritage tomorrow at 57th Street Books in Hyde Park; Deanna Isaacs has the back story.  

* The University of Chicago Press is holding its first public book sale in 20 years, today and tomorrow.

* Monologuist, actor, and author Mike Daisey discusses the state of American theater tonight at the MCA before kicking off his run of If You See Something Say Something (lots of reviews here). Daisey caught my eye thanks to a much-discussed incident where a large school group walked out of one of his monologues, after which he tried to engage them in a discussion about why they left. The story’s here and the follow-up his here; the video is fascinating. By all accounts he’s a truly great monologuist, so it’s worth checking out.