• Will Claytor
  • Magnolia Electric Company (Jason Molina, second from right)

Extraordinarily talented singer-songwriter Jason Molina (known best for the music he made as Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Company) died on Saturday night in Indianapolis at age 39. According to his longtime record label, Secretly Canadian, his death was from natural causes, but Molina’s good friend Henry Owings of Chunklet writes that he “died from a body that had been drowned in alcohol for years on end.” Molina had been largely absent from the music scene since 2009, when his alcoholism became overwhelming. A couple years ago Secretly Canadian published a note about Molina’s situation and urged fans to contribute money to aid in his recovery. A few months later Owings published a much more explicit explanation of what was going on. Molina spent years living in Chicago and working with local musicians, and lots of people here were pulling for him.