It seems my alma mater had the wisdom to hire Jason Salavon, one of my favorite local/contemporary/you-name-it artists. He’s probably most well-known for Figure 1. (Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997) and the eerie 76 Blowjobs, but I’m partial to The Loop, 1848-2007 and 100 Special Moments. The new Field Guide to Style and Color (“a fullsize reproduction of the entire 2007 IKEA catalogue, leaving only color and structure”) and American Varietal (“various studies, visualizations, and process documents from an in-progress commission for the US Census Bureau”) are also really cool. He’s a former video game designer, and he’s able to use his technical skills to layer information in artistically engaging ways; you can see some of it in person at the Block Museum and the MCA.