Is there anything worse in the world than moving? Genocide, of course, and the words “President” and “Paul Ryan” appearing anywhere near each other, but that’s probably about it. And as this is moving season, a lot of us (myself included) are experiencing this particular form of misery. But by the time Labor Day weekend really kicks in, most of us will be secure in our new abodes and ready for experiences to distract us from the pain we so recently endured.

Like going to music festivals!

Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of festival season in Chicago, and this year it’s a pretty spectacular finale. There’s the Chicago Jazz Festival, which started this afternoon and runs all weekend. There’s the oddball (but excellently curated) jam band/EDM/hip-hop mashup known as the North Coast Music Festival. There’s the African Festival of the Arts, featuring George Clinton and an ambitious mix of R&B, house, jazz, international music, and a few other genres. If you’re in need of more distraction, Soundboard suggests shows by Deep Heat, Pugs Atomz, Gatekeeper, Puffy Areolas, Stone Temple Pilots, and more. And in the one feature in this week’s issue that isn’t strictly about upcoming live music, Gossip Wolf has bad news about the Disappears/Steve Shelley connection and good news for local fans of competitive air guitar.

Back to the misery!