Governor Bruce Rauner and state rep Jeanne Ives, his challenger in the Republican primary, meet with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board at Tribune Tower. Credit: Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune via AP

Welcome to the Reader‘s weekday news briefing.

  • Jeanne Ives: Bruce Rauner has “betrayed” Republicans

Governor Bruce Rauner and his Republican challenger, state representative Jeanne Ives, faced off in a heated forum before the Tribune editorial board Monday, which might have been their only in-person conversation during the GOP primary race for governor. Ives, who’s running against Rauner from the right, questioned Rauner’s ability to stand up to Illinois house speaker Mike Madigan and his support for a law that pays for state workers’ abortions. “He’s never going to have a chance,” Ives said. “Republicans across the state don’t trust him. He’s betrayed everything that we stand for.” Rauner called his nemesis Madigan a “crook.”  “He doesn’t care about policy. For him it’s all about power and money,” Rauner said. “Madigan is all about power and political positioning, not policy.” [Tribune]

  • Durbin bringing a local medical student “Dreamer” to the State of the Union address

Senator Dick Durbin is bringing a Loyola University Chicago medical student who’s also a “Dreamer” to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. Cesar Montelongo Hernandez, a beneficiary of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, will attend the speech with Durbin Monday evening. “This young person who is going to be my guest runs the risk of seeing an end to their medical education because of the end of DACA. They won’t be able to pursue a residency at any hospital” Durbin said. “So we’ll lose a doctor. For what? For what?” Durbin decided against boycotting the speech, unlike some of his fellow Democrats, because he wants to be part of a “good bipartisan answer” to the immigration debate. [Sun-Times]

  • FBI releases video of a girl’s kidnapping in Calumet City

The FBI has released surveillance video of the December 20 kidnapping of a young girl in Calumet City. The girl was able to escape the kidnappers after an assault. The FBI is asking for the public’s help to gather more information about the red SUV seen in the video and about Bryan Portho, who’s in federal custody in connection with the kidnapping. [Newsweek]

  • Bob Fioretti under fire again for not paying campaign workers

Former alderman Bob Fioretti, who’s running for Cook County Board president, paid a receptionist for his failed 2015 mayoral campaign just a couple of months ago, after the worker filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor, according to the Sun-Times. It’s not the first time the former alderman has failed to pay workers. Two campaign aides from his first race for alderman also had to go through the Illinois Department of Labor to get their wages paid years later. [Sun-Times]

  • Big Star’s new location across from Wrigley Field set to open in April

Big Star’s highly anticipated new location across from Wrigley Field is set to open in April. Big Star Wrigleyville, located at 3640 N. Clark in the Hotel Zachary, will have two floors, 383 seats, and a take-out window. [Eater Chicago]