Last night the Hideout hosted a party to celebrate the release of The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel, the dead-tree collection of the hilariously profane fake Twitter account that former Punk Planet honcho Dan Sinker launched during Rahm’s run at the mayor’s office. Among the outlandish but still very essentially Rahm-like trains of thought to come up on @MayorEmanuel was the idea of getting Jeff Tweedy to cover Black Eyed Peas songs for a fund-raiser, imagining that people would basically just flip out over it. Tweedy seems to have found the idea as funny as the rest of us, because he showed up at the party to play some Black Eyed Peas songs. People basically flipped out over it.

After the jump, Tweedy’s take (courtesy of Time Out Chicago‘s Zach Long) on the perennial DJ request made by girls-night-out mobs blasted on something-tinis, “I Gotta Feeling”—which seriously, if you listen to the chorus with your ears as open as you can get them, really does sound like it could fit on a Wilco record.