• Mike Sula
  • Heron Valley’s whole jerk chicken

Though dorm rooms and frat houses across the land will fumigate today in honor of Bob Marley’s 67th birthday, I’m going to suggest an alternate ritual application of smoke: visit Roseland’s Heron Valley Jerk Chicken.*

Jerk shacks come and go on the south side, but Heron Valley’s been infusing allspice and chile-rubbed chicken, catfish, and shrimp with a righteous smoke for about four years on a stretch of 103rd Street temptingly close to Old Fashioned Donuts. Inside, a bulletproof barrier protects a chuffing barrel smoker that produces a tender, juicy bird, hacked and heaped in clamshell with a couple slices of dense hard-dough bread to mop the tangy jerk sauce—for a mere $10.