• DeRogatis avec Pitchfork Elite pass

I didn’t realize that the Pitchfork Reviews Reviews guy was at the Pitchfork fest, but now that I think of it, it makes total sense. While he was there the site’s quasi-anonymous proprietor, “David,” sat down with Jim DeRogatis on Jim’s favorite backstage spot (a bench behind what this year was called the Red Stage) and chatted with “the most famous rock critic alive” (David’s words) about the state of music criticism, his personal philosophies, and what it means that he was given a super-VIP “Elite” pass, which were handed out to only a tiny number of people, one of them being Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber. DeRogatis seems to have spent a lot of the conversation bitching about Pitchfork, but his criticisms are actually valid. Pitchfork really is the new Rolling Stone, and if there’s not actually a sign on the wall of Pitchfork HQ that says “[giving a record] three and a half stars means never having to say you’re sorry” the way RS did when DeRo was writing there, it seems like that’s only because that philosophy’s already baked into the mentality of many of its contributors.