Former governor James Thompson called to say I was all wet about the Tribune Company’s original proposal regarding Wrigley Field: Thompson says it didn’t die because Mayor Daley opposed it (though the governor agreed the mayor initially did oppose it). In fact, he says, Daley’s last public comments about the deal showed the mayor had an open mind about it. The deal died, Thompson says, because Tribune wanted state sales tax dollars to go into rebuilding the park and Daley didn’t want any public funds to be used. 

“There wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Mayor Daley’s position and mine,” says Thompson. “We were both against using a single cent of taxpayers money.”

As for the latest proposal for selling Wrigley Field to the state, the one Governor Rod Blagojevich is talking about on the recording cited in the DOJ complaint against him, Thompson said he first heard about it in the news reports, just like all the rest of us.