For years British electronic label Planet Mu has helped push footwork onto the international stage—the label’s Bangs & Works compilations have showcased many of the heaviest hitters in the genre as well as some of its most inspired new voices. The second Bangs & Works came out in 2011 and featured “Erotic Heat,” a wild, croaking track from Jlin, an up-and-coming producer from Gary, Indiana. Yesterday Planet Mu released Jlin’s debut full-length, Dark Energy, which is an apt description of the producer’s sound—she can push footwork into the shadows, letting an alluring gloom seep into the spaces between the fast-paced beats. The darkness mostly hangs in the background on today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Unknown Tongues,” which blends vocal and acoustic-drum loops and spits them out in scrambled, morphing patterns to create a splendidly sputtering pulse.