• Testimonium Songs

Local avant-garde indie-rock collective Joan of Arc, the brainchild of former Cap’n Jazz and Owls front man Tim Kinsella, celebrate the release of their new record, Testimonium Songs, tomorrow night at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the museum’s First Friday series. In the midst of a selfie-themed art exhibit from Kelly Kaczynski, Joan of Arc will play two half-hour long cover versions of the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter.” The band has shape-shifted quite a bit over the past two decades, and will modify itself into a four-guitar lineup for this performance—Kinsella, bassist Bobby Burg, and drummer Theo Katsaounis will all be playing guitars, along with guest Rob Roy Campbell of Electronaut Company. The four of them will be positioned on different levels of the museum’s spiral staircase, playing the main riff from “Helter Skelter,” back and forth, up and down. “It’s like a Steve Reich or Rhys Chatham version of the Beatles riff,” Kinsella tells me, “You know—when it gets to the bottom it goes back to the top. And it’s kinda like playing ping-pong.” How’s that sound for a Friday-night Lollapalooza alternative?