At a Chicago Crime Commission luncheon held in his honor Wednesday afternoon, Weis, answering a question about what he might do to help patrol officers on the street, said he’d like to get the department’s “horrible” fleet of cars updated.

With Chicago’s tough winters, a sport-utility vehicle might make more sense than the traditional Ford Crown Victoria, he said.

You flatlanders and your misconceptions. Everyone knows Subaru station wagons are the best snowmobiles; supposedly new Volvo station wagons are good too. I can’t imagine cops having any interest in using enormous SUVs with high centers of gravity for pursuit–especially in the snow–but they are more intimidating than the soccer mom sleds. And they might help unmarked vehicles look a little more undercover than the Crown Vics do.

Speaking of cops and their accouterments, there’s a debate on Second City Cop about the use and abuse of cargo pants. “The more you have on your belt, the less you have in your head” is probably a good usability rule for anyone, cops included.

Update: Useful comment below. Also, MetaFilter has a discussion on why cops and cabbies drive Crown Vics. Wikipedia goes into considerable detail about the differences between normal and Police Interceptor models.