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Born above the now-closed Earwax (I think it may be for real this time), the Johalla Projects gallery recently said so long to Wicker Park after its nearly two-year stay, setting up shop in West Town’s Hubbard Street Lofts (1821 W. Hubbard) alongside neighbors like the Post Family and Spudnik Press.

Founded by Anna Cerniglia in the fall of 2009, Johalla hosted a number of popular shows during its infancy, including last spring’s 50 Alderman/50 Artists. Curated by former Reader assistant editor Lauri Apple and Jeremy Scheuch, the exhibit featured just what the title indicates—50 different artists each creating a portrait of an alderman from one of the city’s 50 wards. The magnitude of the show’s popularity attracted a flurry of press—don’t worry, as a sponsor we predictably patted ourselves on the back a few times too—that at times seemed too much for the small space.

But the new location is almost double the square footage of the former Wicker Park spot, and it comes packaged in the sleek, crisp, and secure lofts located right across from Salvage One. Cerniglia won’t be out-and-out abandoning the mildly entertaining hubbub of Wicker Park, though. She plans to remain a part of the Wicker Park Arts Committee.

The space will be christened on October 7 with a retrospective of Heather Gabel‘s design work with Alkaline Trio over the past 15 years.