The S-T‘s Mark Brown talks to John Conroy; his point about George Ryan is interesting:

“Conroy would rather I give plaudits to the defense lawyers who pushed the investigations and others who refused to look away from the truth, and while he named many names, I’m afraid I don’t have room, although it should be noted that he gives a lot of credit to former Gov. George Ryan. It was Ryan’s pardons that opened the door to the lawsuits that gave Burge the opportunity to perjure himself, eliminating the statute of limitations problem that had blocked his prosecution.”

Steve Rhodes devotes all of his daily papers column today to the story:

“What could possibly account for the ‘collective attitude’ of the city? Where in the world do people get their views? Were citizens carrying on conversations about Burge apart from what appeared in the media – somehow receiving information to shape their views from other sources like, say, transcendental meditation?”

Hard to say.