John Kass goes after Mayor Daley on the Burge scandal and specifically on Dr. John Raba’s letter to police superintendent Richard Brzeczek about Andrew Wilson, which, as I pointed out yesterday, is the most obvious point of tension in Daley’s role as then-state’s attorney. Writes Kass:

“Instead of opening his own investigation and convening a grand jury like he did to investigate Byrne’s towing contracts at City Hall, Daley decided to be reasonable. He reasoned that white cops vote in elections, and he wanted their vote. So he did the prudent thing: nothing.”

That’s not exactly the case, according to Daley. As John Conroy wrote in “Deaf to the Screams” (8/1/03):

“In 1989 Daley told the Reader through his press secretary that he hadn’t answered that letter but had tried to respond to Wilson’s complaints through his Special Criminal Prosecutions Bureau, the unit assigned to investigate the use of excessive force by police officers. Daley said that because Wilson’s attorney–public defender Dale Coventry–declined to cooperate, the investigation came to an end.”

Depends on what you mean by “nothing,” then.