• Peter Coombs
  • The Hero of Hero: The Musical? The unhappy-looking guy on the right

Though it gets off to a strange start with a “smarmy opening song,” the new Second City E.T.C. show We’re All in This Room Together gets its act together and proves to be a “very fine, very funny revue,” according to Reader culture editor Tony Adler. Similarly, David Bell’s world-premiere production of Hero: The Musical overcomes a plausibility problem to tell a sweet tale delightfully.

Dance Union takes an unconventional tack with “Salon Solarium—Dancing to Lighting.” “Here’s a new one: take a lighting design, ask four choreographers to build a dance apiece around it, then put them together on a single program,” writes Laura Molzahn. The end result is electrifying, with one piece “evoking the creep of aging through pedestrian movements that almost imperceptibly morphed as they were repeated.”