• This looks so much more badass than my polling place.

If you feel cynical about cutthroat politics undermining the U.S. presidential election, perhaps you’ll feel better about our system after watching Johnnie To’s Election (2005), in which rivals literally cut each others’ throats. The film concerns a long-standing Hong Kong triad whose chairman of 30 years is about to retire; according to organized crime tradition, this means the high-level bosses must elect a new chairman from among their ranks. The election goes smoothly enough: To depicts it as a peaceful process, closer in nature to a dinner party than an impersonal poll. (It’s one of many pleasant meals in this director’s body of work.) The problems arise afterward, when it’s announced that nice gangster Lam Lok (To regular Simon Yam) just barely won the vote over the hotheaded Big D (Tony Leung Ka Fai). The latter then instigates a gang war, which halts all triad activity and leaves a number of men dead or in jail. Feel free to insert your own Bush v. Gore joke here.