I’m reading that cartoonist Johnny Hart tried out many faiths before settling on Christian fundamentalism, and he didn’t mind skewering religions that weren’t his own.  Hart drank too much, looked for solace from his torments, and offended lots of people whose personal oases weren’t his own. Ah, the artist’s life! Obits in the New York Times and Washington Post remember him mostly for B.C. , his first strip, the one he drew as well as wrote, and the one that more easily accommodated his doctrinal assertions — such as that evolution is a crock. But I was always more of a Wizard of Id fan. He produced that one with Brant Parker.

Whatever else is said of Hart just now, let it be known on his death at the age of 76 that he was a dark and funny man. Long ago a Wizard of Id strip hit me just right. I laughed out loud, paced some, then laughed again.  At the time the air was full of big talk and big dreams. Hart wasn’t buying. As I remember…

Duke: How goes the war on poverty?

King: I’m winning.

Duke (looking puzzled): Then why are the peasants grumbling?

King: They’re losing. 

And lose they did.