On her fourth album, last year’s Limón y Sal (Norte), Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas proved her shift from stormy, brooding Spanish-language alt-rock (a la Polly Jean Harvey and Fiona Apple) was more than just a passing phase. Although she shed some of the treacly new wave touches that hampered her otherwise superb previous record, the paradigm-shifting , she continued to deliver ultra-catchy melodies with the sunny demeanor of a California beach bum, even when singing about failed love. She tossed in some reggaeton and reggae flourishes, altering the music’s rhythmic make-up a bit, but this was pop through and through. Venegas continues to juggle instruments—keyboards, accordion, guitar—with a deeply confident sense of purpose, bringing a real intelligence and rigor to a style that too often lacks it. She performs this Friday, April 13, at the Congress.