Last week Mines front man Bill Satek made his national TV debut; he wasn’t playing any of the avant-pop tracks from his band’s first album, this year’s Just Another Thing That Got Ruined, but his music was central to his appearance on Judge Mathis. As Luca Cimarusti wrote last week, engineer Brian Sulpizio sued Satek for failing to pay the full cost of recording that Mines album, and the case went live last Thursday afternoon. I wasn’t able to watch the episode while it was on the air, but fortunately, the clip is now on YouTube. Satek and Sulpizio trade barbs about excessive drug use, sleeveless shirts, and S-M dungeons where clients are covered in Fruity Pebbles and cake mix. Also, in an attempt to support suing Satek for defamation, Sulpizio references my Reader interview with Satek—it’s not much of a case for defamation, but it’s a pretty cool shout-out. Check out the Judge Mathis clip to watch Satek and Sulpizio strike “television gold.”