I tend to aimlessly mill around a farmers’ market, sometimes interested in buying produce and various breads but not always committed to it—this is one major advantage to having a market like the Logan Square Farmers Market parked two blocks from your apartment. Mostly I like soaking up the communal vibe, gawking at the too-well-bred dogs, and huffing the cloud of spices that hangs in the air. It would be like my own personal Sunday morning Zen routine if I was at all a Buddhist or ever able to meditate without being worried I was doing it wrong.

I also tend to get pretty hyped on new, bizarre offerings at the market. Staples like Co-op Hot Sauce and Crumb, with its great boules, will always be there—as well they should—but the newcomer booths each year, mostly run by the low-profile indie entrepreneur, always attract my attention the first few weeks of the market. On the opening Sunday, I strolled by one unassuming booth that had a row of exotic nut samples (exotic nut samples!) with flavors like Provencale garlic almonds, garam masala walnuts, gingersnap almonds, and coconut curry cashews. Predictably, I tried them all.