The first Star Wars film was released on Christian Macht’s second birthday.  A fan as a young child, he rediscovered the franchise as a teen and became an obsessive fan, traveling to conventions and immersing himself in fan culture, working his way into the premieres and finally getting to meet George Lucas at the Revenge of the Sith premiere in 2005. 

Let down after that film and feeling like a chapter in his life was over, Macht’s sister Cortney suggested that they keep Star Wars active in their lives by making a documentary that would show the true breadth of the franchise’s fandom.  They traveled the world for the film, visiting the original sets in Tunisia and a convention in Norway, interviewing Christian scholars about the Star Wars mythos, and attempting to resuscitate the stereotyped image of the Star Wars fan. 

Their film, The Force Among Us, screens Friday at 8 PM the Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State, the day before Lucas will be feted at the Center’s annual gala fundraiser Saturday, hosted by Jon Favreau at the Four Seasons Hotel, 120 E. Delaware.  For information call (312) 846-2072.