• Euclid

This Friday, prolific LA noise artist John Wiese comes to Constellation in support of his new album, Deviation From Balance (you can read more about it in Peter Margasak’s Soundboard write-up). If you’re going, make sure to get there in time to see the opening act, Bay Area instrumental-synth sorceress Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. On her latest album, Euclid (Western Vinyl), Smith creates intricate, hypnotizing, glowing synth patterns that crawl around each other in serpentine movements. It’s a bit like local act Bitchin Bajas or defunct drone group Emeralds, but Smith’s music isn’t as geared toward the droney, experimental side those outfits espouse; she even has a rhythmic and sonic playfulness that sounds like electronic acts such as Four Tet and Mouse on Mars. You can hear it in the video for lead single “Sundry,” in which a hippie-looking dancer jumps and twirls in slow motion to Smith’s woozy, whispering, and occasionally clattering music. Watch it below—it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track; this Friday’s show starts at 8:30 PM if you’re trying to get there in time to catch Smith’s set.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith "Sundry" from Western Vinyl on Vimeo.