Friend of the Food Chain Fruzsina Eordogh sends the following report from Albany Park:

Kang Nam, the venerable Korean restaurant that was one of the last vestiges of once-thriving K-Town, closed due to financial troubles last fall, its owner, Ok Son Kim, relocating to South Korea. This week it reopened under a new owner as Kang Nam Galbi. Fuxi Huang, who emigrated to the United States from China with his wife, Lianyu Xu, in 1998, says it was always his dream to open a restaurant, and the couple is “very happy, very excited.” Huang says he’ll have two chefs working in the kitchen, one for Chinese, one for Korean cuisine, and Kang Nam Galbi will also serve hybridized Chinese-Korean dishes like gampongi (spicy sweet chicken wings), champong (spicy seafood noodle soup), and cha chiang mian. The interior’s been freshened up with a new coat of paint, new floors, lights, ceiling tiles, silverware, dishes, and upgraded machines in the kitchen. The restaurant’s BYO, with a liquor license in the works.