Like just about every other hip-hop fan in town, I love to bag on Kanye for repping Chicago so much without ever seeming to actually kick it here. But he’s doing the city a solid through his Kanye West Foundation, which will be launching the Loop Dreams Teacher Training Institute next spring. The institute will train teachers to incorporate hip-hop into their curricula as a way to engage kids on a different level, with the intention of increasing literacy and graduation numbers. (For info on the Loop Dreams charter program in LA, go to the KWF site, click on the tab marked “The Foundation,” and then on the one that says “Loop Dreams.”)

Kanye himself will be in town on August 24 for a night of fund-raising (tickets go on sale 10 AM Saturday); $125 will get you in to his show at the House of Blues, which promises “surprise celebrity guests.” (I’m guessing one of them will be a certain beanie-loving Gap spokesrapper.) For the show plus a gift bag it’s $250; for $500 you get  the show, the gift bag, and a preshow reception at Hotel Sax, where there will be a silent auction with Kanye material up for grabs, including a wardrobe’s worth of preworn Louis Vuitton neckerchiefs. (OK, that’s just a guess on the neckerchief part.) Yeah, it’s a little spendy, but if you know anything about Chicago schools you know their current situation is all kinds of bogus. Help them out a little. Plus you know he’s going to do that Daft Punk song, and that’s going to be bad as hell.