If you ask me, too much of the discussion leading up to the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has been concerned with the spectacle surrounding it (and Kanye himself). I propose less “35-minute music video” and “what Kanye talks about when Kanye talks about Kanye” and more “Oh my God did he really make a completely sick rap beat out of a King Crimson song?” I know it’s entertaining that Ye acts like a lunatic, but I’m much more fascinated by the fact that he listens to music like a lunatic. Fake Shore Drive has posted a compilation of every song that was sampled on MBDTF, and it looks like a mix tape that someone very unhinged and very wound up might make to show off a very nice record collection. It follows some sort of insane logic where, sure, let’s put Mike Oldfield, Aphex Twin, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, and the Turtles on here all together, because why not?

Not that the songs on the comp aren’t individually great, because they are. I just can’t imagine that there are many people who will like every one. And I think it’s crazy that despite that, so many people are already loving MBDTF.