• Courtesy Rogers Elementary School

About the only good thing to say about living in the Orwellian universe of Chicago, where Mayor Emanuel says he’s saving public schools by destroying them, is that it inspires some pretty clever opposition.

In fact, inspiring and enraging the locals may be the mayor’s greatest achievement. So take a bow, Mayor E.!

The latest inspired opponent is Karen M. Fraid, whose biting satire focuses on the policies and buzz words of school “reformers” in general, and Mayor Emanuel in particular.

The blog’s called That Way Madness Lies—which, as we all know, is a quote from Shakespeare. King Lear, to be specific.

Actually, I did not realize the quote’s from Lear until Fraid pointed it out to me. So, Mayor Emanuel, you can be excused for not knowing it either. But you still can’t be excused for thinking that Bobby Hull is not alive.