Blaine elementary school principal Troy LaRaviere
  • Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times
  • Blaine Elementary School principal Troy LaRaviere

Almost from the moment this week’s First Tuesdays show at the Hideout ended, folks in the audience were bugging me: Hurry up and post this baby on the Internet!

That’s because Tuesday’s show was a blast, my friends. As CTU president Karen Lewis and Troy LaRaviere, principal of Blaine Elementary, joined me and my colleague Mick Dumke to let their freak flags fly.

For more than an hour they held court on everyone and everything including Mayor Rahm, Governor Rauner, bankers, charters, school debt, janitors, parasites, and sociopaths.

There also may have been a word or two about TIFs.

What do you expect? I was on the stage.

Somehow, though, Mick went the whole show without bringing up the subject of marijuana.

But I’m sure we’ll get to that in July’s show. Promise.

By the way, the good-looking dude in the back was not—as many people thought—action-film star Jason Statham.

No, it was our very own Peter Holderness, Chicago’s greatest videographer, who recorded the whole thing.

So now you can watch it in the comfort of your home.

Where you may or may not be smoking marijuana.

Thanks, Peter. You’re the man!

I’d say it’s the best show on schools since last our gathering last August in which the big three in education reporting—Lutton, FitzPatrick, and Karp—gave us the lowdown on CPS.

Speaking of action stars.

Enjoy the show, everybody . . .

YouTube video