• Darrel Birkett
  • Feed the beast.

My favorite crossword constructor, Ben Tausig, supplies puzzles to the Reader and other alt-weeklies. Tausig recently launched a Kickstarter project to continue funding another of his concerns: the American Values Club crossword, which Tausig edits and which the A.V. Club recently canceled. (Did anybody but me not know that “American Values” is what “A.V.” stood for?) For $10,000, Tausig hopes to keep the puzzle in business for at least one more year, and hopefully beyond; for your contribution of one dollar or more, you’ll receive the puzzle till the end of 2012. For $15, you’ll get it weekly through the end of 2013; $2,500 or more will compel Ben Tausig to come to your city and make you dinner and teach you how to build a crossword puzzle. (Personal testimonial: he taught me earlier this year, and it was fun. No dinner, though.) See the other incentives and kick in a little money here; the video pitch is below.