The Rickettses: (from left) Joe, Pete, Todd, Laura, Marlene, and Tom in 2009 at Wrigley Field

They’re the family that owns the Cubs.

In Chicago, brother Tom keeps gobbling up real estate outside Wrigley Field, dealing with recalcitrant skybox owners by buying their skyboxes.

A development closely followed by patriarch Joe’s DNAinfo . . .

While in Lincoln, Nebraska, brother Pete, the Republican governor of that state, appeals directly to the public on behalf of the death penalty, which the overwhelmingly Republican senate (unicameral Nebraska’s only house) just voted 32-15 to abolish. That’s a veto-proof majority, if it holds.

“The death penalty in Nebraska remains an appropriate tool in sentencing the most heinous criminals,” says Pete Ricketts. Notorious for its lack of heinous criminals, Nebraska hasn’t executed anyone since 1997.

UPDATE: Two other Ricketts siblings deserve to be accounted for: Brother Todd, hosting a barbecue Wednesday for Scott Walker in Wilmette, and sister Laura, cohosting a fund-raiser the same day for Hillary Clinton in Lincoln Park.