Stand-up comic Kellye Howard records a live album on Wednesday Credit: Mike Jue

Mon 11/13
The Reader‘s Peter Margasak writes of pianist and composer Vijay Iyer, playing Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s MusicNow series at the Harris Theater (205 E. Randolph): “Iyer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith will give the local debut of their stunning duo, performing A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke, the centerpiece of their 2016 album of the same name. This shape-shifting seven-movement suite responds to an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Indian artist Nasreen Mohamedi, who often blends abstraction and architectural precision in line-based drawings.” 7 PM, $28

Tue 11/14 Live from Chicago, it’s Saturday Night Live! Sort of. It’s actually a new exhibit “Saturday Night Live: the Experience,” open to tour at the Museum of Broadcast Communications (360 N. State). Visit sets from SNL, including the basement from Wayne’s World, and watch videos that feature alums such as Seth Meyers explaining the process of the show’s creation. 10 AM-8 PM, $25, $20 for seniors and students, free for children under 12

Wed 11/15 Theater Oobleck is raising money for 30 Puerto Rican artists impacted by Hurricane Maria with a benefit they’re calling Apocalypse Cabaret at the Neo-Futurarium (5153 N. Ashland). It features performances by Rey Andújar, Jean Carlos Claudio, Barrie Cole, David Isaacson, David Kodeski, Diana Slickman, and Edward Thomas-Herrera, as well as a puppet play, and music from the band 80 Foots. Martha Bayne has the MC duties. 7 PM, $10-$50

Wed 11/15 Over the last 11 years, fearless stand-up comic Kellye Howard has been a staple in Chicago—both on the north and south sides. She’s recording her inaugural comedy album live at Timothy O’Toole’s (622 N. Fairbanks). 7, 9 PM $5

You can see more of the weird art of Icelandic artist Baldur Helgason at NYCH Gallery this weekCredit: Baldur Helgason

Thu 11/16
Baldur Helgason, an Icelandic artist, showcases his portraits (which resemble the work of Picasso if he was on acid) for the exhibition “Three Wise Monkeys” at NYCH Gallery (643 W. 18th). Helgason is no stranger to the Reader, having designed illustrations for our Riot Fest coverage. Noon to 7 PM

Thu 11/16 If you woke up early enough on Monday, you had the opportunity to gaze upon the rare “Dance of the Planets” occurrence—when Venus and Jupiter appeared to rise very close together. If you’re like us and slept in, go to the Adler Planetarium instead and get your fill of everything cosmic. Admission is free through Friday for locals! 9:30 AM to 6 PM, free with proof of residency

Thu 11/16 Time is running out to see Rooming House, a synthesis of theater and dance cocreated by Julia Rhoads (Lucky Plush Productions) and Leslie Buxbaum Danzig at Steppenwolf Theater (1700 N. Halsted). It begins with an onstage conversation (in both Spanish and English), then spins out into a movement piece inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. 8 PM, $40, $30 seniors and military, $15 students

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