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Columbia College prof and filmmaker Michael Caplan (Montrose Pictures) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Algren, a documentary about the life of Nelson Algren, author of such novels as The Man With the Golden Arm.

Let’s go to the PR: “Through interviews with internationally known artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers, the film will reestablish Algren’s place in America’s urban fiction, while also revealing his impact on today’s literary and creative artists. Among Algren champions interviewed to date are photographer Art Shay, legendary Chicago journalist Rick Kogan, film directors William Friedkin and Philip Kaufman, writer Barry Gifford, Algren expert Bill Savage, Chicago writer Joe Meno, the musician Wayne Kramer, the painter Robert Guinan, and personal friends Jan Herman and Bruce Jay Freidman. Future interviewees include: the writer Russell Banks and Stuart Dybek; filmmakers Andy Davis, John Sayles, and Michael Mann; musicians Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Henry Rollins.”

Not a bad roster there.

Caplan hopes to raise $25,000 by July 11 via Kickstarter.

A trailer for the film after the jump: