A while back I wrote about local rapper Naledge of Kidz in the Hall and that duo’s quest to locate the sweet spot between artistic credibility and commercial success. While Naledge and producer Double-0 have done a great job establishing the former, the latter’s always been just out of reach, and the pair are currently making a concerted push to break through to a wider audience. In true 2011 fashion, that attempt involves several corporate sponsorships and an Internet reality series. Kidz in the Hall: Here Now follows them out to LA, where they’re recording an EP at a studio owned by Red Bull. In the first episode of an eventual six, the Kidz and their team arrive in Hollywood and hit up Adidas headquarters for some free sneaks, which to be honest doesn’t sound especially compelling, but if you’ve ever wanted to get a peek behind the scenes of a group’s career before they break out—actual musicians with potential, not the usual reality-show hacks—it makes for an interesting watch.

The first episode and the video for the Kidz’ speaker-knocking, guitar-driven summer jam “Break It Down” are after the jump.