I’d like to call your attention to the video feature that accompanies this week’s cover story, Killed on Camera, by staff writer John Conroy. In 2003, 23-year-old Michael Pleasance was shot in the head by police officer Alvin Weems at the 95th Street Red Line station. The shooting was captured on surveillance video, which contradicts statements made by Weems and police department officials at the time about the circumstances surrounding the incident. The Office of Professional Standards investigated the shooting and recommended that Weems be fired, but instead he was suspended briefly and later promoted.

The Reader is making available the entire surveillance footage available for the first time, with narration by Conroy.

Conroy, whose previous work for the Reader includes an investigative series on police torture at the CPD’s Area Two headquarters, will appear on WGN news tonight at 9* and WBEZ’s Eight Forty-Eight on Monday morning.

*Or… not. We’ll let you know.