• Former Runaways svengali Kim Fowley with Brianna Garcia

Yesterday I took a brief trip down the Tumblr rabbit hole after discovering that a bunch of comedy writers I really like have tumblogs now. Jake Fogelnest, who’s responsible for taking on the role of Danny Tripp in the weird reanimation of Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip that happened on Twitter a while back, is probably my favorite that I turned up yesterday, and it’s thanks to him that I found the above photograph of Runaways svengali and rock biz legend Kim Fowley taken recently by Brad Elterman, whose own tumblog is full of images from his days as a documentarian of the 70s LA rock scene.

Fowley’s current digs may be a little less than glamorous, but there’s something very comforting about the fact that he’s still so 100% into being a glammed-up rock ‘n’ roll weirdo. As long as Kim Fowley is somewhere wearing an outrageous outfit and lusting after young tail there is at least one thing right in this messed-up world of ours.

Hit the jump for a taste of Kim Fowley back in his wiggy, envelope-pushing prime.