The cover of What a Time to Be Alive

What a Time to Be Alive—
an album two of hip-hop’s current heavyweights, Drake and Future, recorded in six days and released at the end of September through iTunes—has provided the public with a lot of things: an unquantifiable amount of chatter and, more quantifiably, 11 songs, nine of which feature both MCs. And if there’s a standout track on What a Time to Be Alive, it’s the late-night sparkle of “Jumpman.”

Drake and Future establish the track’s strength early on through repetition—every time one of them rapidly rattles off a string of “jumpmans” I just want to hear it again. Both rappers effortlessly pack a cool euphoria into the brief, polysyllabic hook, and I’m far from the only one taken by it. A Soundcloud user named “Octbr” made a 43-minute “Jumpman” edit that’s just a loop of Drake repeating “jumpman” six times; in less than two weeks the edit has been listened to more than 160,000 times (according to Soundcloud’s metrics). Then there’s a “Jumpman” flash game Twitter user @adamwl created, a simple, addictive computer game in which you can travel upwards on a series of floating bars by, well, jumping. And then there are the “Jumpman” remixes.

We’re not quite experiencing a flood of “Jumpman” remixes, but I imagine Soulja Boy’s version should speed things along—since Soulja dropped his take on the track yesterday it’s racked up more than 40,000 Soundcloud plays. Closer to home King Louie and Mic Terror have released their own versions of the track in the past 24 hours. Louie’s remix comes at the end of his new six-song EP, 6 God Tony, and he half-mumbles and groans while repeating the hook. Mic Terror references Ventra and all but abandons the original hook’s playful flow by the end. Listen to both below, and keep your ears peeled for even more “Jumpman” remixes to come.

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.