Kitty Pryde in Dead Island
  • Kitty Pryde in “Dead Island”

Earlier this week teenaged Florida rapper Kitty Pryde dropped a new song called “Dead Island.” The MC’s latest cut received plenty of attention, which is understandable considering she attracted a swarm of interest from plenty of music sites when she posted a video for “Okay Cupid” back in May. An odd blip in all the reporting of Kitty Pryde’s new tune, which is off her forthcoming D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP, is the headline Rolling Stone ran: “Kitty Pryde Resurfaces with ‘Dead Island.'”

The term “resurface” is an unusual choice; typically the word is used to describe a musician who releases a new album or song after spending so many years out of the public eye that most people just assume said artist is dead (that is if the public even remembers said artist). To use “resurface” when talking about a rapper who jumped into the public consciousness less than one year ago—and during a time when the volume of new and exciting white female rappers inspired many a trend piece—feels wrong, especially considering this particular musician hasn’t stopped releasing music (Pryde contributed a song to the solid Sufjan Stevens Christmas remix mixtape, Chopped and Scrooged, which dropped last month).