• Brain Idea’s final LP, Cosmos Factory

Brain Idea, which unfortunately called it quits last fall, have always been one of my favorite local acts. They started back in 2009, playing a heady style of kiwi-influenced pop music, and released records for both Mexican Summer and local label and shop Permanent Records. Since the band dissolved, bassist/vocalist Ben Scott has been keeping busy with Outside World, another excellent local indie-pop act. The two other members of Brain Idea, Joe Wetteroth and Grant Sunderland, are getting ready to move away (to Kansas City and Portland, respectively), so all three got together last week for a last hurrah of sorts and recorded a brand-new track, “Wandering Home.” The song continues on the path the band was headed down right before they called it a day: it sheds the experimental edge that dominated their first LP, giving way for warm, earthy pop with hooky, vocal rounds. As always, the awkward harmonies between Scott and Wetteroth make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The pretty twelve-string acoustic guitar that pops up throughout the track was played by local fingerstyle phenom Ryley Walker.