While snooping around some old newspaper stories, I found an article from the June 9, 2006, Tribune about Christopher Kozicki getting a job in the planning department for $126,700. 

To refresh your memory, Kozicki’s a Bridgeport resident and member of the 11th Ward Democratic organization run by Cook County commissioner John Daley, the mayor’s brother. During the Sorich corruption trial Kozicki testified that he had altered the interview rating of 19-year-old Andrew Ryan (son of a high-ranking union official) to ensure that Ryan scored high enough to get a building inspector’s job for which other applicants were more qualified. Last month city inspector general David Hoffman recommended that Kozicki be fired from his planning department job for admitting that he falsified records (the city has still not acted on Hoffman’s report).

Here’s the kicker. According to Hoffman’s report, Kozicki was making $129,528 as of December. In other words, the man who admitted under oath to breaking the law not only got a job for which he had no apparent qualifications, he then got a raise of $2,828.

OK, so that’s not a $210 million severance package , but considering he’s only been working at planning for half a year, it’s not too shabby either. I’m still waiting for the planning department to tell me what he does, much less how it merits a raise.

As Kozicki explained in his testimony at the Sorich trial, he got his original job in the city through his connection to John Daley. In addition, he testified that he used to chauffeur Daley to work from his home in Bridgeport. I don’t know if he’s much of a planner, but he must be one hell of a driver.