In case you weren’t aware, 23 Chicago public school students have been killed so far this year. That is completely fucked-up, to say the least. 

Local rapper Pugslee Atomz is doing his part to call attention to how fucked-up it is. He’s recorded a new song about the situation, “You and Me,” and it’s one of the funkiest political jams I’ve heard in a long while. On Sunday night Pugs performs at the Cubby Bear with KRS-One, who’s in town on a Stop the Violence publicity junket. Before the show the Teacha is doing a press conference at the Thompson center and appearing at a BBQ at the Flawless Cuts on Halsted; afterward he’s doing two days of lectures at Chicago public schools and a few radio appearances. More information and updates are available here.

I’m not going to try to say that KRS-One’s recent material is great, but as a social activist he’s tougher and smarter now than when he was blowing up with Boogie Down Productions. He and Pugs are going up against a terrible problem with high stakes and no one solution. It’s a heavy position to be in. You could do plenty worse things with your Sunday night than go out and show them some love.