• L.E.P. Bogus Boys make a surprise appearance last night at House of Blues

As you may already know, there was some controversy surrounding the A$AP Rocky show that went down at the House of Blues last night. HOB had kicked local rap group L.E.P. Bogus Boys off the bill, citing the concerns of “local authorities,” and the Chicago Police Department flatly denied any role. Then HOB’s parent company released a statement taking responsibility for the situation and backing up the CPD’s claims of noninvolvement—from what I can tell, the whole thing can be blamed on an HOB talent buyer inventing the “local authorities” angle out of whole cloth in order to weasel out of booking a local rap group after the fiasco at the Chief Keef concert at the Congress Theater. That was already a bad look for HOB, but A$AP Rocky and L.E.P. rubbed it in with a surprise appearance by L.E.P. at the end of last night’s show. Apparently L.E.P. still doesn’t believe the cops’ claims of innocence, judging by the chant of “fuck CPD” that they led.

Directly after that, Chief Keef’s GBE crew—sans Chief Keef, who’s presumably busy negotiating some sort of huge record deal—came out to perform Keef’s massive new hit “I Don’t Like” before HOB shut everything down. The Chicago rap scene is getting seriously exciting.

Indefatigable local rap blogger Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive has video of last night’s chaos.