Here’s the latest Sky Full of Bacon podcast, this one on Iowa prosciutto makers Herb and Kathy Eckhouse of La Quercia, whose rare and delicious guanciale I wrote about many moons ago. The Eckhouses, whose products tend to make people fall to the ground convulsing with pleasure, talk about their forthcoming Acorn Edition hams made from, according to Mike Gebert, Berkshire/Chester White cross pigs, raised by farmer Jude Becker, and finished on–you guessed it–acorns, just like the pigs raised for Iberico hams. Since this was a rather expensive and risky experiment for the Eckhouses and Becker, who incidentally supplies pork to the Publican, they sold each pig upfront

Says Gebert: “Subscribers who paid around $3,000 per pig got the fresh meat and sausage at slaughter. Other stuff has been sent to them over time.  Some individual subscribers (Robert Parker, Mario Batali) bought for both restaurant and home, but mostly restaurants.”

The ham is set to be released in July, and you might get a taste of it at one of four Chicago restaurants who bought into the program–Blackbird, Charlie Trotter’s, North Pond, and Spiaggia.

Sky Full of Bacon 10: Prosciutto di Iowa from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.