While volunteering for the Peace Corps in the South Pacific archipelago of Tonga, filmmaker Brian Favorite encountered the Fakaleitis, boys and men who are raised as girls by their families from childhood.  Favorite screens his 21-minute documentary Like a Lady – The Fakaleitis of Tonga tonight at Unity in Chicago Church.

“Traditional belief says this occurs when a family may have only male children and deem it necessary to teach one of the boys cooking, cleaning, weaving, sewing – chores associated with a daughter – thus behaving as if a girl,” Favorite says. “Homosexuality is sometimes the motivation, but not always. Looked on with fascination and disdain, Fakaleitis are a unique, yet vital part of Tongan culture.”

Like a Lady screens at 7 PM at 1925 W. Thome, along with Hawaiian music by Aloha Lives and Polynesian dance by Carole Lanialoha Lee-Sumberg of Kupa’a Pacific Island Resources and friends.  $12 tickets go to complete a feature-length version of the film.