* As Philip points out, Sarah Palin was not giving the secret “devil” sign. This is the devil sign. She was encouraging the audience to “hang ten,” which is undeniably a positive sentiment. I regret the error.

* The initial Sun-Times report said that Palin was wearing a miniskirt; this has since been revised to skirt (I’ll second Anna Tarkov on this—I saw it at approx. 2:30 this morning, and thought it was weird, too), mostly because this is not a miniskirt.

On the other hand, I disagree somewhat that coverage of Palin’s outfits is sexist (broadly, no; in many or even most specific circumstances, yes). Male politicians never have anything said about what they wear because male politicians never wear anything interesting. If Barack Obama dressed like a part of the Rhythm Nation, I would make fun of him, too.

Update Exceptions, which may prove the rule: When George W. Bush wore his flight suit for the ill-fated Mission Accomplished event, people couldn’t stop talking about the presidential package; Bill Clinton’s jogging shorts; “Barack Hard Abs”.